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Hosted by Independent Recording Artist, Heather Kelly

My name is Heather Kelly and I couldn't be more excited to serve as host of the Indie Music Room. This new program is my opportunity to create a showcase for artists to share their original songs, explain the thoughts behind their creations, and play the most recent recordings a majority of the audience has not yet heard! Being an artist myself for over 10 years, I know what goes on behind the scenes to create an album of original music – I have released four of my own.

I believe indie musicians are underrated, underpaid and lead difficult careers trying to get heard and appreciated. Indie artists easily can be needles in the commercial haystack, but the Indie Music Room will give artists an outlet to connect with more listeners, hopefully open some doors, and FINALLY get their music heard!

The show has a fun atmosphere, with interviews being recorded at the renowned Junior’s Motel Recording Studio.

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The Indie Music Room airs every Saturday at 10 AM and 6 PM, and Sundays at 11 AM and 7 PM. Check out our Indie Music Room Facebook page for news about upcoming shows, photos, and additional insights.

If you would like to be considered as a guest on the Indie Music Room, drop me a note at [email protected] and tell me about your music and how you create it.

Indie Music Room - New Shows

Indie Music Room - #5: Melvin James

September 14, 2019: Indie Music Room # 5: Heather Kelly talks with Melvin James about his music career from sitting in with a band at the Iowa State Fair to signing with MCA Records and knocking Michael Jackson and Madonna off the MTV video charts. Melvin talks about recording his music as both a solo artist and with his band Planet Melvin. Featured songs include Why Won't You Stay, Havin' Fun, and Me and My Alien.

Indie Music Room - #4: Dennis Carlson

August 17, 2019: Heather Kelly talks with Dennis Carlson, a seasoned drummer and drum teacher about his career in music. From playing in garage bands, clubs, and recording sessions, Dennis Carlson has done it all. Dennis discusses life in the Big Apple, playing gigs, and why musicians aren't paid like they should. Songs included in this show are Take a Vacation by The Transformers, A Hard Day's Night by The Notorious Noblemen, and New York to the Rescue by Dennis Carlson.

Hear more of Dennis Carlson's music at

Indie Music Room - #3: Frank Wiewel

July 19, 2019: Heather Kelly talks with Frank Wiewel and Kirk Kaufman about the history of the HAWKS. Frank talks about playing small towns, recording in historic studios such and Chess Records and Muscle Shoals. Kirk and Frank share stories from their appearance on American Bandstand and give the backstory to 3 songs by the HAWKS: Black and White, The Great Divide, and Need Your Love.

Indie Music Room - #2: Dave Hearn

June 15, 2019: Dave Hearn is a veteran songwriter, composer and independent artist from Fort Dodge, Iowa. Dave and Heather talk about his new album "Hearts Get Broken" and discuss his writing and recording style.

To find out more about Dave's music, visit

Indie Music Room - #1: Kirk Kaufman and Heather Kelly

June 15, 2019: Kirk and Heather talk about their early days as independent artists and how they write and record songs. Kirk talks about the most over-used studio effect and Heather shares her thoughts about being the host of the Indie Music Room.

To find out more about HipKnosis, visit

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