Fort Dodge Radio
'80s With The '70s Best Rock!

Fort Dodge Radio plays the great music of the MTV '80s era with the right mix of the best classic rock and pop from the '70s.

Fort Dodge Radio is a free Internet radio station located in Fort Dodge, IA.

You can listen to Fort Dodge Radio in many different ways:

As you can see, there are several ways you can easily listen to Fort Dodge Radio. For example, with an Amazon Echo Dot, you can listen to Fort Dodge Radio by saying "Alexa, play Fort Dodge Radio" when you enable our Fort Dodge Radio Alexa Skill.

Fort Dodge Radio plays your favorite music free online wherever you are, 24/7.

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Indie Music Room Radio Show

Indie Music Room Radio Show with Heather Kelly

The Indie Music Room is a showcase for artists to share their original songs, explain the thoughts behind their music, and play their most recent recordings. Hosted by Heather Kelly, she knows what it's like to be an Independent artist and all the things that go on behind-the-scenes to create an album of original music.

The Indie Music Room Radio Show is a fun and entertaining podcast recorded at the renowned Junior’s Motel Recording Studio. The show airs on Fort Dodge Radio every Saturday and Sunday and is available on-demand at the Indie Music Room page.

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Our Listeners Love Fort Dodge Radio

Five Stars

"I love the music of the 70’s and 80’s. Fort Dodge Radio has one of the best mixes I have ever heard. I sing along with most songs and even learn a few new ones I didn’t know. It has more music and less talking than other stations. You will really enjoy this station! "

- Steve Williams, Missouri

Your Shellabration artists Are Here

ZZ Top at Shellabration 2018

You know and love Shellabration, the annual concert series held each summer at Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

At Fort Dodge Radio, we play your favorite songs from bands who have performed at Shellabration over the years including The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, The Guess Who, Head East, Grand Funk Railroad, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Lynryd Skynyrd, Night Ranger, Huey Lewis and the News, HAWKS, ZZ Top, Vince Neil, and Sammy Hagar to name a few.

Check out the latest information and upcoming shows from Shellabration on their official Facebook page.

Shellabration on Facebook

Locally Owned and Operated

Fort Dodge Radio

Fort Dodge Radio is locally owned and operated in Fort Dodge, Iowa. We are the first commercial online radio station in Fort Dodge to be completely broadcasting, or “streaming“ all of it's programming with no broadcast towers or transmitters.

On Fort Dodge Radio, we play more continuous music with fewer (and shorter) commercial breaks than the other local radio stations. More music and less commercial interruptions. We think you'll like that.

Be sure to check out our Events page for all the latest local events and happenings in Fort Dodge.

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More About Fort Dodge Radio

"Alexa, Play Fort Dodge Radio"

Alexa Play Fort Dodge Radio

To listen to Fort Dodge Radio with your Alexa device, the first thing you'll need is to have our skill enabled on your device.

Enable our skill by saying "Alexa, enable Fort Dodge Radio".

You can also enable our Alexa skill by using the Fort Dodge Radio Alexa Skill Quick Link. Just sign into your Alexa app after clicking the link and choose which devices you'd like to enable.

After it's enabled, listen to Fort Dodge Radio by saying "Alexa, play Fort Dodge Radio".

Other commands to use with our Alexa skill include pause, resume, and stop. If the "play" command doesn't work for you, try using "open Fort Dodge Radio", "start Fort Dodge Radio", or "launch Fort Dodge Radio".

Our Alexa skill for Fort Dodge Radio is free and can easily be enabled or disabled.

An alternative to our own skill is to use the MyTuner Radio App on your device. After it's enabled, use the command "Alexa ask MyTuner Radio to play Fort Dodge Radio".

You can also listen to us on MyTuner Radio at Fort Dodge Radio - MyTuner Radio.

Our Favorite Radio Apps

Listen to Fort Dodge Radio on It's free and you can choose from more than 30,000 radio stations in your browser, or mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry10.

Online Radio Box

Find Fort Dodge Radio at Online Radio Box, a free application for listening to the radio online. Listings include radio stations from the USA and just about every country around the world.


Check out Fort Dodge Radio on Streema. We like Streema because it's a social networking site for radio listeners to listen, discover and share their favorite AM, FM and Internet radio stations.

MyTuner Radio

Fort Dodge Radio is also on MyTuner Radio. MyTuner Radio has an easy to use desktop player, iOS and Android app, and thousands of radio stations from nearly every part of the globe.

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'80s With '70s Best Rock

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