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Fort Dodge Radio is locally owned and operated in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Along with our sister site,, we serve the Fort Dodge area with the latest local events, job openings, and news.

Please Note - Radio Contests: If you're unable to find information on a specific radio station contest or promotion on our website, it's probably not ours.

Fort Dodge Radio

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What is Internet Radio?

Internet radio (also known as online radio) is an audio only broadcast service that is transmitted through the Internet instead of an over-the-air broadcast signal.

Along with listening to an Internet radio station from a station’s website and through a browser, there are many other ways to listen. These include dedicated hardware devices such as an Internet radio receiver or a streaming device (i.e. Amazon Echo Dot) that can play your favorite station with a single voice command.

There are also dozens of radio apps that allow you to listen to Internet radio on your desktop, tablet, and phone. Unlike terrestrial radio that relies on the proximity of the transmitting tower to the radio receiver, Internet radio broadcasts can be heard anywhere in the world as long as the user is connected to the Internet via a router, Wi-Fi, or cellular service.

Beginning in the early 1920's, radio receivers were made with vacuum tubes making them big and bulky. As a result of their size they weren't very portable. With the introduction of the transistor radio in the 1950’s, radio receivers became more portable, durable, and cheaper.

As we look at Internet radio and where it is today compared to terrestrial radio, it’s at a very similar starting place to where terrestrial radio was in the '50s. Until around 2010, the only way to obtain radio broadcasts over the Internet was through your PC. Today, that has changed dramatically with advances in cellphone service, Wi-Fi, tablets, cellphones, and stand alone digital receivers and streaming devices.

The cellphone and new streaming devices used with various radio apps is helping Internet radio develop in the same way that the transistor transformed radio listening in the 1950's. Looking ahead, the next generation of wireless connectivity including 5G cellphone service and Wi-Fi 6 will greatly expand the reach and ease of access to Internet radio broadcasts.

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